Our Services

Our Contract Philosophy

Our philosophy is easy! We don’t believe in contracts. We are so confident in our products and service that if you’re unhappy at anytime, all we ask for is the chance to correct it in a timely and efficient manner. If you’re still not happy with the outcome you are not bound by any type of contract. You are free to make a switch at anytime.

Our Service Commitment

Service is important to you and your partners. We GUARANTEE to have a qualified service technician to you within 60 minutes to diagnose any problems. We keep operational back up machines bench testing in our warehouse to ensure efficient fast turn around times in the case that a machine were to break down and needed to be replaced. We pride ourselves on quickly having you back up and running.

Ordering Practices

As part or our service, we can count your on hand product, order and deliver products to your kitchens with no hassle from you. If you are more comfortable placing your own orders that is another option, the choice is yours. If you’re ever in a jam we can run something down to you on short notice but in some cases may be the next day.

Delivery Schedules

Depending on volume, we deliver to each of our customers on weekly to bi-weekly basis. We can determine what the best solution is for your business and perform it!

Machine Maintenance

As part of our service, we maintain the all the equipment at no cost to you. We also clean all your coffee pots to ensure a delicious fresh tasty cup of coffee everytime all the time!