Green Your Bean

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Commitment to Quality

We are a Calgary based coffee service company that provides award winning, locally roasted coffee from premium roasters as well as a vast array of products and equipment to fulfill your complete coffee experience.

Let’s Step Together…

The Unique Blend is deeply committed to protecting the environment.

Nearly 100% of our coffee packaging will not see a land-fill.

We are continually looking to to improve our practices as new products and technologies evolve. We believe in sustainability and we believe in helping others make a step in the right direction as well.

Commitment to Environment

The Unique Blend is always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

Whether it be purchasing fuel efficient delivery vehicles and instituting bicycle freight delivery for moving to clear plastic coffee bags that can be recycled, conserving the environment is always on our minds.

Clean Caffeine Campaign

Did you know the average coffee drinker produces 25lbs of coffee grounds per year?

Our Clean Caffeine Campaign provides pickup of all used coffee grounds in a clean, efficient, easy way. Currently, we compost about 12 tons of coffee grounds a year. These grounds are composted at recycling centers in Calgary and sent to local gardens and mushroom farms.

These CO2 reductions amount to not driving a car for an entire year! Now you can enjoy your delicious cup of coffee knowing that the waste generated is returning to the environment in a healthy way.

GHG Inventory

Recently, we commissioned a Green House Gas Inventory to help us better understand how we can green our operations. Understanding is the first step to improving!

100% Wind Power

For the past 3 years, our warehouse has been completely powered by wind energy. This results in an avoidance of 4.12 tons of CO2 annually. That’s equivalent to planting about 100 trees a year!